Our Approach


At Southwest Functional Medicine, we use a functional medicine approach in the management of complex chronic disease and for the achievement optimal health. We care for the whole person, not just a set of symptoms with a disease attached to it, We uncover the underlying cause of illness by exploring of the complex web interactions between body systems and then we address it within a systems biology framework. Within this framework, we aim to heal the disease when possible or, at the very least, manage its root cause. Symptoms are treated as needed for the comfort and functionality of the patient, but symptom management is never confused with disease management.

Key factors that we review in all our patients:

– biochemical individuality and unique genetic blueprint of each person – lifestyle choices and food
– individual responses to stress
– body system interactions
– interrelationship of body, mind, spirit and environment

Key Features of Our Approach:

• Patient-centered focus compared to the more disease-centered focus in conventional medicine
• We spend time with our patients, hearing their story and looking for interactions among environmental, genetic, metabolic and lifestyle factors which influence complex chronic disease and long-term health
• We integrate the latest cutting-edge research with the best medical practices from various medical traditions, including conventional medicine and alternative medicine, such as: holistic, integrative, and naturopathy
• We will recommend botanicals, supplements, pharmaceuticals, exercise, food plans, detoxification programs, bodywork and many more effective therapies to ignite the healing process.
• We bring the patient into the discovery process and customize management to the individuals unique needs
• Authentic relationships with our patients are greatly valued. These relationships are grounded in honestly, respect, education and deep listening.